The main aim of our research is to untangle and understand gene networks with a particular focus is on transcription regulatory networks. Various large-scale datasets can be represented as graphs (networks), for yeast this was done e.g. for protein-protein interaction data, transcription factor localisation data or microarray data on deletion mutants. The number of organisms for which such large-scale datasets are available is increasing rapidly. These data sets have to be combined to get a picture of the “real” network in the cell.

We are using such networks to study the gene networks of humans and other organisms in more detail. We use these networks to predict functional relationships between genes. The network approach allows to predict the function of uncharacterised genes and to identify genes involved in disease processes.

For more details please have a look at the webpages for the individual projects. If you are interested in joining us (Master thesis, PhD or Postdoc level) please contact Thomas Schlitt (thomas.schlitt O

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