current group members

Thomas Schlittgroup leader
Nick DandPhD student
Russel SutherlandIllumina-BBSRC CASE PhD student
Kimon FrousiosPhD student
(second supervisor)
Ayden SaffariMSc student 2012
Limin PengMSc student 2012
Surya Narayan DevMSc student 2012 (co-supervisor)
Bugra OzerMSc student 2012 (co-supervisor)


Ester Ballana GuixVisiting Postdoc (May-Nov 2012)
Volker AhlersVisiting Professor
University of Applied Sciences Hannover


Benjamin LehnePhD student 2007-2011
Nikolas Barkas "rotation" PhD student and
MSc student 2010 (co-supervisor)
Kate Roberts "rotation" PhD student
Vikas BansalMSc student 2011
Sumona MitraMSc student 2011
Namrata SarkarMSc student 2011
Brian GomesMSc student 2010
Sakshi GulatiMSc student 2010
Rithu JobMSc student 2010
Zeeshan GillianiMSc student 2009
If you are interested in joining us ...
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