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BioGranat-RGA: BioGranat Region Growing Analysis
A tool to identify genes that underlie diseases

still under construction

BioGranat-RGA is a bundle in BioGranat that allows the user to search a graph (i.e. a biological network) for subnetworks enriched in genes associated with disease.

Input: BioGranat-RGA is ideally suited to the analysis of GWAS data. The required input consists of the graph to be analysed, together with a ranked gene list, where the rank of a gene corresponds to the gene-specific p-value derived from GWAS results.

Output: Given this input data BioGranat-RGA finds all subnetworks formed by the genes in the ranked list. The output is a list of all genes in the ranked list annotated by their region membership.

User Guide

Download the BioGranat-RGA user guide and example files.


Lehne B, Barkas N, Dand N, Sutherland R, Tebbe C, Sprengel F, Ahlers V and Schlitt T
De-novo discovery of disease associated subnetworks using Region Growing Analysis

BioGranat-IG screenshot

BioGranat Screenshot. BioGranat-RGA is available as a plugin for BioGranat via sourceforge.